Saturday, December 6, 2008

a reply to accussations

december 6 2008

Well, wasn't that an interesting discussion.

I couldn't jump in because my computer gave up.

But I will come back on the theme, because I think that culture is not to hide behind when it comes to the way parents deal with children.

Someone also accused me of keeping comments away.

I don't, unless people use my blog for their own purposes. I don't agree with sexual harassment of my blog, nor is this a place to shed links to. (It's useless anyway with my page rank. LOL!). That's why I have comments om moderation.

Another thing is that the motivation to write about slapping children is not that I don't have anything else to blog about.
With 6 children I have more than enough to blog about, certainly because 4 of them have special needs.
And when I've run out of inspiration I can also blog about the death of two of my children, due to a then unknown disease.

I can blog about anything..... when I have enough time.

So I'll be back in due time.


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