Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A pond, flooding

december 31 2008

We've had a very strange night.

The nights around new year I can't sleep well, so I stayed up waiting for the boys to come home.
They were watching a video movie at a friend in the neighbourhood.

They arrived home late, but still at a reasonable time.
Just when we were ready locking doors, someone knocked at the door.
He wanted us to open up again.

Ofcourse I had my comments, but then he told us he had seen lots of water streaming out of a garden.
So the boys went with him to have a look.

It was decided to wake up one of the people at the house where the pond flooded, but then the neighbour woke up and came down and outside.

Turned out the pond was flooding because the equipment in it was broken...we guess through the cold. It was minus 10 or 11 celcius!!!
The boys helped the man trying to solve the problems.
Luckily the water wasn't running into the house, but still.
The fishes won't survive this.

The people involved are on vacation and all the other times they handed ovber the keys,m but this time they forgot.
While working to stop the flooding, they could see the keys on the table.

If only they had them.
One turn would have stopped the water streaming.....


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