Monday, December 15, 2008

One of those mornings

december 15 2008

Yesterday evening I went to bed in time.
I was tired from the negativity on the news, the lack of creativity on TV, and my own stuffed head.
Maybe I could sleep the flue out of the system.

This morning I woke up far too early and witnessed the whole early morning rituals of the boys and their dad, something I will desperately try to escape the next hundred months or so.

Shaving is a whole ritual with stinking ointments and gells.
I could live with that if it weren't followed by acne treatment, which involves some nice smelling lotion and cotton wool that never ends up in the bin, but a few mm's beside it.
I think it needs certain skills not to throw them a few mm's further.

This all followed by a long time sequence of showernoises, which always make me think that the water they need might give a whole city to drink for a year.
What a waste!!!
They don't like me asking if there were so dirty that they needed so much time showering and such a lot of soap and stuff.
Often they'll escape, because the smells trigger an asthma attack and I end up taking meds and being angry.

Today I was awake early enough to escape and treat them with the best seasonal treatment there is: open windows.

Whoever showers too long will have me tidying their sleeping facilities and opening the window to get the clean crisp winterair in.

I always announce this early enough.
So they hurried up and I'm now enjoying the silence of an early morning.

I can't use the shower yet.... the smells....uhuh!


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