Monday, December 1, 2008

Interior decorator

december 1 2008

If you had to could you be on Trading Spaces as an interior decorator?

Well, I don't know the program, but I can be an interior decorator.
Oh yes!

My strength is in using space for as many people as possible.

Piling up children in beds, creating enough space for a laundry machine, the shower, a toilet and a washing place on just a few metres, and hosting as many people in the livingroom without anyone touching someone else.

I'm the one when it comes to good use of space.

You can call me too when you need colourfull advice.

I have so many ideas that I'll gladly help you, because when you pay I can see my ideas realised.

Logo made by me with tubes from Outlaw by Design.
It's permitted to download it to your own computer and upload it to your site.
Please don´t direct link, as it slows down my site. I´ll change the link regularly so you´re left with an empty space or a red warning sign.
Please credit properly.


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