Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm cooking Brussels Sprouts and I hate it!

december 11 2008

Well, when you've read the title of this post you know what I'm doing: cooking Brussels Sprouts. Ugh!

Some idiot wrote a piece at wikepedia that when you cook the sprouts well they won't smell.


An old farmer told me that the smell when cooking wasn't depending on the cooking, but on the ground they were grown on, the temperature, the time of year and how large they are.

That's my experience too.

I clean them, make a cross through the stem and boil them in a bit of water, with a few spoons of milk.
At this time they're tiny and sweet, so some of the children like to eat them.

The smell I cover with....baking shoarma.

Those who love brussels sprouts don't like shoarma very well, and vise versa.

My nose can deal with the two at the same time far better... so....

Well, the mashed potatoes are ready, the shoarma too and the sprouts are almost ready.

Time for dinner.

See you later!


  1. Hi Laane.
    I hate them too! Specially the smell.
    I think all cabagges smell bad too. I normally clean all vegs with water and 1 Tsp of vinegar before cooking, but it doesn´t make the smell go away, lol.
    I think the theory about the land is right.
    A good Thursday. Cheers.

  2. oh yikes, brussel sprouts are by far my most hated vegetable! I won't miss never seeing/smelling/eating them ever again.. :D


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