Wednesday, December 31, 2008


december 31 2008

The old year's day reminds me of one many years back, when lots of factories were closing because of a bad economy.

People needed a flexible mind to adapt to new circumstances.

I remember the husband of a dear online friend who lost his job after working for over 30 years with the same business.
He got depressed, because he lost touch with the value he has as a person.

Some people seem to be dependent for their identity on their work, and they're not aware that being someone is about being a good friend, a good father etc etc, instead of only being a good paid worker.

We emailed a lot in those days, and gradually he was able to reflect on himself as a human being, and he regained a feeling of self confidence and self esteem.

Like often, the new positive feelings towards himself were a signal life was taking it's course again.

He soon found a job at a work holding.
It was below his level, but they soon saw his abilities and as he grasped all opportunities, he soon was promoted and became one of the most valued employees.

I hope the next year people won't loose track of who they really are.

Happy New Year!


  1. Wishing you and yours very happy, healthy & prosperous New Year :o)

  2. Happy New Year from my family to yours. God bless.


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