Friday, December 12, 2008

Grown ups

december 12 2008

I've lived in this town all my life.

Whenever we have the opportunity we'll leave the country to live in a country were we feel more at ease.
This country of utter freedom is changing into a controlled societal laboratory and I want out!!!

But I don't want to leave my town.

The last days interesting things are happening.

A former neighbourhoodboy is mayor, and a schoolmate ended up practicing law at a high level at the university.

They both have different opinion about an issue that is too complicated to describe here.
It comes down to the mayor limiting the hours young people were allowed to stay at a certain area, for two weeks.
Protest against this are still going on, despite the fact that it all had ended and won't be repeated.

The mayor said that people better spend their time on more worthwile issues, and now the legal guy tells him he can't say that, because lawful appeal is possible even after years.

The whole situation is a bit ridiculous and it gives me the feeling two boys are quarreling.

The interesting things is that I regarded them both as grown ups of my age, until today, when I was reading the paper and I suddenly saw two young schoolboys shouting against each other that the football belonged to their own team.

The fight goes on in the local paper.

I wonder if the whole toodoo would have been published by someone else that the present editor.
He's one of the old schoolmates too. LOL!

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  1. I've lived in a town in Mindanao, Philippines where kidnappings are rampant, and so curfew were implemented. I think it's a great rule since it'll uphold peace and safety.


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