Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Forecasting: more cold

december 9 2008

Someone said I was a fool when I said that we would have an early winter.

Well, I could understand him coming to that opinion, because it was on a hot autumn day and nothing else than the birds pointed towards the snow we've had and we're having now.
Yes, I was right.
We had a snow day very early in the year and today it's white outside again.

No, I'm not a bird whisperer, even though it would be great to be able to talk with the animals.
I just see them in the garden and hear them high in the sky.

The geese came here a complete month earlier than last years, and this weekend a robin sat just a few cm's from my kitchen door.
He even saw me and didn't fly away.

I'm feeling cold. Even though the heating is on, I've had a hot cup of soup and I've been busy.
I bet even my bones are below acceptable temperature.

More cold is to come.

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  1. we've had pretty frosty temperatures here too! Although this region is not known for snow - it started to snow yesterday!
    I can't say I'm much of a winter person...


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