Monday, December 8, 2008


december 8 2008

Two of my sons like fitnessing.
They had it at school and they loved it.

Last year and again at the beginning of summer I had a look at the sites of the fitnessclubs here in the area, but they were so expensive that it was better to have
diet pills for dinner. LOL!

Yesterday one of them asked me again to have a look and I did.

Because of the economical situation the amount of people going to fitness has fallen so dramatically, that the prizes had to be adjusted.

The club most near us was still extremely expensive.
They jumped on the market when it was too late and they need to pay off their credit.

But the next one ... me oh my!

The prizes dropped with such a large percentage, that it's cheaper to get a membership there than to travel by bus.

I'm still amazed.

The prizes were about twice as much as the balletlessons for the girls, and now they're almost half of it.

So we've agreed that where going to have a talk there to get them to become a member.

Lucky boys!!

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  1. I like fitness but haven't join club or gym bcoz I work on my wii fit for 30-40min daily. I do aerobics, yoga and exercises all the way.


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