Friday, December 19, 2008

early morning call

december 19 2008

I couldn't sleep this morning, due to pain in my hip, so I decided to go downstairs.
Especially after last night, when everyone was late at home after the christmas event at one of the schools, it was good that they were still asleep.

I was just enjoying a cup of coffee when the phone rang.

The contactperson of the trainingshouse rang to talk to me.

They're closing the trainingshouse and I'd send a letter to the board stating that those young people call that place their home and that it's nuts it's closed at christmas. Especially as they have to pay part of their own money for the rent.

In fact it was a letter to the board, suggesting they could free the money and hand it back over. That way my son could stay at a bed and breakfast, for instance.
We have only a mattress on the ground for him and never full rest, because the last one to go to bed and the first one to be up have to step over him.

Well, I understand why the doors are closed there, but I don't agree with it. As simple as that.
It's OK with me that the staff will have a vacation, but they're into care, and at hospitals and hotels people have to work too.

There's an organisation nearby where my son can have a little room and bed, but he doesn't want that, he told us, because he had to stick to strict rules.
During the phonecall it was agreed that he doesn't need to stick to homecoming hours and dinners in the large restaurant.
He can go to sleep there anytime he wants, or stay away.

This gives room to breathe in my opinion.

He can find a little privacy there and a place to rest, but when he wants to sleep here, he can, with all the disturbances included.

To me it's something, I hope my son agrees.

But it doesn't solve the problem well.

Autistic people thrown out of their home at christmas..... it still applies.


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