Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Congrats friends!

december 10 2008

As a mom of twins I'm used to repeated similarities or double coincidences, but what I had in the mail today really did it!

Two friends posted their Manhattan resumes on a site in the hope to get a new job before the new year.
They didn't know it from each other, even though they're members of the same blogginggroup.

When I came home this afternoon and checked my mail I saw they both mailed me with a nice subjectline.
So full of expectancy I opened the first mail and "yes!", my friend had been away for a jobinterview and got a job.

The other mail was from my other friend, telling that she had a jobinterview this morning and please would I keep my fingers crossed for her, because she really needed a job before the new year.

While I was writing my mail back to her, she already mailed back, telling that the idea to post er resume online had been the best someone gave her in years.
She got the job!!!

I carefully asked her which job, because it would be a coincidence.... intuition was right.

Both friends will be collegues.

I'm so happy for both of them, because they're caring and hardworking ladies, who love to make fun.

Congrats girls!!


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