Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can you hear the phone everywhere?

december 11 2008

Can you hear the phone everywhere in the house?

I can't.
And it irritates me to carry my cellphone with me all the time.

Unlike other years I want a wishlist ready before my birthday, and I've decided I want a cell phone repeater or a cellular amplifier.
It will make such a difference.

We've always had trouble with the phone in this house.

The livingroom is situated in the back of the house, the stairs are in the middle and one way or another the sound is absorbed before it reaches the rooms upstairs.

I'm aware that I'm making such noise when being busy that I overpower the sound of the downstairs phone.
I can't vacuum without a noise, and I can't do a handwash without splashing with the water. Let alone that I can tell the laundrymachine to turn quietly. LOL!

In summer the problem is extended to the garden.
Even with the door open I can't hear the phone and I can hardly hear the doorbell.

So an amplifier should do the trick.


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