Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can anyone stop the time, please....

december 16 2008

Time is moving far too fast, and I can't keep up.

The new showercurtain is nice... and it doesn't protect the world from the rain.
After a couple of the men here took a shower the whole floor was a pool.

Problem was that the dirty laundry was standing beside the shower.
It never caused a problem, but with this leaking thing...
Everything got wet.

When I had cleaned up the lot and filled the laundry machine, I tidied things in the backgarden.
Someone had thrown some boots in a corner.
I went through my back when I was busy there and up til now nothing has made it feel better.

On the contrary.
The flue that has almost the whole town in it's grip, leading to only half filled classes at schools, jumped on me.

Dizzyness, nausea and some other inconvenient symptoms took over control of my body and all I could do was to give in. Ugh!!
After a couple of hours of half-sleep, I managed to get the already peeled potatoes cooked.
The freezer gave me a few packages of red cabbage and spinach and they got ready too, and that was it.

I slept through CSI.
Unforgivable!! LOL!

So you know now why I'm not making my rounds commenting.

I've lost almost a complete day.


  1. Hope you will be okay... get well soon...

  2. Oooh... CSI's my fave too! =D
    Gosh.. you must be so tired that day..


Thank you for your comment.