Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogging, how long?

december 8 2008

how long have you been blogging?

I was already blogging offline on my computer, when someone told me about a blogging site.
It was a kind of automatic system, just write and push the button. Not many adjustments possible. But I joined.
It was march 21 2003.

After teaching myself html and enjoying with others trying to overrule the general html to personalize our blogs, I moved to my own system again.
I liked making a new look for each week. It was fun.

A few years ago I moved to here and last year decided to get my own domain.
It's still blogging on blogger, but I might move to a completely handmade blog again.
It's not a lot of extra work when you know the tricks and it gives a real feeling of accomplishment.

Logo made by me with tubes from Outlaw by Design.
It's permitted to download it to your own computer and upload it to your site.
Please don´t direct link, as it slows down my site. I´ll change the link regularly so you´re left with an empty space or a red warning sign.
Please credit properly.


  1. I have been seriously blogging for nearly 2 years but doing it off and on for 6 or 7 years. I have always kept a diary or journal since I was able to write.

  2. I just started blogging in February of 2008 and have learned so much and have made many blogging buddies along the way. I really enjoy reading others' blogs and commenting as I go.


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