Monday, December 8, 2008

being on top alert

december 8 2008

The country has been on high alert with regards to terrorist attacks, but we got used to the idea and life was soon as normal as possible.

Even though instructions were given to people when traveling, I don't think many people were looking after their own safety well enough.

Some even thought it to be weird to instruct children what to look for and how to behave when something happens.
Too much a burden...

This week we were informed again that the country is on high alert.
Some stupid guy has made a movie that really offends certain people.
He's a guy not to be taken seriously. He kicks on offending people and kicking them in their backs.
But people in other countries don't know that.

So they make a whole country responsible for one brainless guy.

To the children it's clear one should be aware not to offend people, especially not when it concerns religious matters.
They know they have to take responsibility for what they say.

And they asked me to instruct them how to behave when something happens.

Ofcourse I had to think about my youth, when we were instructed to close windows and then hide under a table in case of a nuclear attack. LOL!

I remember suddenly realizing that those tables would not be able to block radiation, and I wondered how long we were supposed to stay under the table looking to the time that was needed for radiation to drop below dangerous levels.

Oh, that teacher really didn't like me at all at that moment, but when I changed school one of the teachers suddenly asked me to write about the nuclear dangers.

I guess the story about hiding under a schooltable for years must have done it's work well. LOL!

Ofcourse I've learned my children some important behavioral tricks, like staying silent and opening up a mobile phone connection to the emergency room of the police.

But most of all I tried to teach them observational skills, not to panic and to be critical.


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