Monday, December 8, 2008

the attic

december 8 2008

Yesterday I started to bundle the furry animals and lovely dolls we collected last year for a christmas project I've been supporting for many years now.

A couple in our neighbourhood organises christmas presents for children and parents all over the world, and they fill the space they have left in the trucks with toys, dolls and furr animals.

Because I'm almost always at home, they bring the things here.
I wash and clean the dolls and animals and then store them at the attic, until the weeks before christmas.

When the winter starts I always get a bit nervous.

At the attic is also the tankless water heater in a little room. The door should be free, because the heater should be accessible, but I never manage to keep it empty before the door.

The boxes pile up so fast, that I don't know where to put them.

At the beginning of the winter the serviceman starts his round and I always hope he doesn't come before the boxes and bags are gone and I have cleaned and tidied it all.

A few years he came the day before Sinterklaas and I felt really frustrated, because I had to take the boxes all downs to the children rooms in the morning and had to bring them up again when he'd gone.

I explained my problem and I can only hope he has started his round somewhere else and he will arrive here late January.

Today a mother brought 10 animals and 5 dolls.
The dolls are washed and are sitting in a plastic box to dry, the furr animals are drying on the laundry line.

It's a funny sight.

Within a few weeks they'll make some children very happy.

That's why I do this.

tankless water heater


  1. All your effort is well worth it to light up a child's life at Christmas.

  2. I can just imagine what your attic space looks like :)
    What a wonderful idea to send the toys and make some less fortunate children happy. I do the same...

  3. That's a wonderful thing you do. I'm sure that takes a lot of time getting all those animals and dolls ready. I'd have a hard time parting with the stuffed animals though. I'd probably want to keep them all! We have around 25 all over our house because both my husband and I like animals and had them even before we got married. Plus, we've purchased some since. One day I'm going to post about our collection.


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