Sunday, November 9, 2008

unconscious mutterings # 302

november 9 2008

1. Coverage :: reporting
2. Cynical :: sarcastic
3. Gust :: of wind playing with leaves
4. Improvised :: created on the spot
5. V :: two v's are a w, still the english call it a double u
6. Guests :: for my autistic son: invaders in his home
7. Brutal :: the guy who attacked me in the street a few years ago
8. Grant :: wish I got one to travel overseas
9. Pull :: and push
10 Streaming :: media

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  1. Yes, I could never figure that out either, myself...why it's called a double u instead of a double v.

    Great mutterings.

  2. I LOVE your 5. Cracked me up....

    ....right before I read your 7 and felt my heart sink for you. I am so sorry for you to have gone through something like that.

  3. I hope the guy that attacked you was punished.

  4. Hi Laane - thanks for dropping by. I trained to be a psychologist and then decided to be an accountant. I still think psychology is fascinating and had to click on the link. I might try a few on my personal blog.

  5. I enjoyed your mutterings today … seems like the only ones we sort of agree on are #4 & 10. I’m sorry you were brutally attacked a few years ago and love your response to #5 especially.
    Hugs and blessings,


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