Thursday, November 13, 2008

tai chi of nature

november 13 2008

This week was far too busy, so I was happy to go to tai chi.

Now the girls are going to another school I almost never come in that part of the neighbourhood.

The sun was shining, but it was rather cold.
The ducks on the lake were making lots of noise, and the fake heron was still standing in the garden of the posh house. Some people are very rich and they still use plastic figurines to create an illusion.

The group was little today, but that didn't matter.
We worked concentrated on a couple of exercises.
Last week one of them was a real fat burner, but today the theme was moving the weight of the body from one foot to another.

Being a former balletdancer it's kind of fun doing tai chi.
The focus is on very slow movement, performed in perfection, whereas ballet is perfect movement in the speed of the music.

When I went home I felt more relaxed then when I went, and the warm sunshine on my face added to it.
The sun created turbulence above the lake and the birds went in circles almost without effort.
I could see they enjoyed themselves.

The steady movement in silence,
tai chi of nature.


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