Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a special day

november 18 2008

Today is a special day.
It's the birthday of my girls.

One of them is now nearly the same height as I am, and this year she'll be taller.
The other will finally get the privilege of being different from the others, measured against my height.

I wanted to give them something special, but due to the lack of extra money they'll get the usual presents, like a scarf.

For one reason or another google ungoogled me. Maybe I was not posting enough about travelling, learningdifficulties, lifestyle or networking, but there's enough going on in life to blog about.
"daily life" is interesting enough in our family.
There are other subjects I cover regularly: education, autism, health, furniture, shopping, kids, parenting and a lot more.

Due to the lack of appreciation by google and the economic recession, and because I was so stupid to belief that my own domain would be at my advantage my wallet is showing a huge empty darkness.

Well, I can only hope google spiders this post and assumes this is a better blog than all those blogs full of advertisements.

Maybe then Sinterklaas will be a better one than last year.

BTW: Sinterklaas is the dutch version of Santa Claus.
Our guy is much older.
This year he arrived last sunday and like all other years he'll stay untill the 5th of december.
That night, for the last time, he'll leave presents for children of all ages, and goes back home to celebrate his birthday.

I love this part of year, or rather, I used to, when the children were little and we were able to put a little present in their shoe almost all evenings.

I also love it, because it takes a lot of commercialism out of christmas, making it more the special celebration that it is.


  1. Happy Birthday to your girls! They'll appreciate the fact having such a precious family far more than any birthday presents! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girls...I wish them to have a wonderful birthday.

    I love your blog no doubt about that. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  3. A belated happy birthday to your dear girls.


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