Saturday, November 8, 2008

So Far Away

november 8 2008

So Far Away

1. Where is the furthest place that you have traveled and how far away from home is it?

Hmmm... I think it's Italy. Naples or maybe even more south.
I don't know how far away it is.
It's on the other side of Europe, 2 days travelling.

2. What is a blog that you would recommend for us to read and why?

There are so many good blogs, so I'm advising you to keep surfing.

3. What is the biggest surprise you ever have had and was it a good one?

Biggest surprise........

That my husband turned out to be someone who only lives for his work and for no person at all.
I expected my marriage to be teamwork, but I'm standing completely alone.
No shoulder, nothing.

I deserve far better.

No need to say if this was a good surprise.

4. What is your favorite quote? (We know we've asked this recently. But there is always another great quote! :)

Throw the man out with his socks. LOL!

When you have something to give, people want to be your friends.

5. Have you ever been hospitalized for a major health situation?

When I was 4 with meningitis.
Later when the children were born, which was high risk for the children because of rhesus antagonism.
And because of cancer in the lining of the uterus.

6. Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

I prefer long hair, but it won't grow that long. LOL!
So I have it somewhere in between, and a bit shorter when I feel the need to cut my own hair.

7. What was your favorite amusement park ride growing up?

I like the spooktemple, and when I was younger puling ropes.

8. How long do you talk on your phone on a typical day?


I've done away with the normal connection when email was invented.
Well, I guess it was a bit later, but I certainly was among the first in the country to rely on cellphones.
I was bullied so much by phone that I needed an answering machine all the time.
And people thought I was available all the time. Well, I wasn't. Not with 6 little children.

When people need me they can mail.

Only my closest friends have my phonenumber.

We have a special phone here at home when we need to make a phone-appointment with someone.
So friends can reach me even when I don't want to be reached by others.

9. Other than Saturday 9, what is your favorite meme to do each week?

Depends on the questions.
I like Manic Monday too, and I absolutely loved Friday's Feast and now Food 4 Friday, and I loved Scrumptious Sunday, so when you all want to Mercedes to keep it alive, please help me and go there and comment.

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  1. It is sad when you realize that your marriage is disfunctional. The good thing is when you get out of it a have a fresh new start! Sorry you are going through this...

  2. Italy is someplace I always wanted to visit and visit the town that my great grandparents came from.

  3. I don't like phones either, except for emergencies and for talking to those far away of course.

  4. You deal with a lot is sad that your husband is not supportive.

  5. So sorry to hear about your marriage. By the way, my first entry is up. Hope you can check it out!


  6. I hate talking on the phone. It is too bad that your hubby is so insensitive. Do I understand you to say you have 6 children? Oh, I see on your sidebar that you do. You certainly have your hands full.

  7. Hello Laane,
    I have posted about relationships in the past. If you have a chance please check them out and let me know what you think. Sometimes talking about issues helps put things into a manageable perspective. I really appreciate your comment on my site. Let's keep up the communications. Take care. =0)


Thank you for your comment.