Sunday, November 2, 2008

A relaxed sunday

november 2 2008

I joined this year.

In case you don't know what NaBloPomo is, you can read it all here.

I'm happy there's no rule to limit posts to one per day. LOL!

Today we had a rather quiet day.

One of the reasons was that almost everyone was awake late.
We're still not used to the change of time (which was last weekend).

Yesterday we were lucky that right before closingtime the breadrolls were put on sale.
So we had bags full of all sorts of breadrolls.
Some with nuts, some with fruity chuncks.
I even saw one with chocolate chips, but I was too late to take that one. (It had me craving for chocolate all day!)

My autistic son had some very bad days this week, maybe due to that timechange, I don't know. So yesterday evening I told him to stay in bed all day or have a good mood.
He tried well.

One of the girls stayed the night with one of her friends from school.
She's the one who makes rather a lot of noise every morning, and when one makes a bit of noise there's always someone who joins in.

So all in all it was quiet and I woke up at 11.50, just in time for Country Files, a program on BBC1, about Wales this time.

It's a long time ago I was there with my father and a friend he knew from the war.
The friend drove us through Wales to show us beautiful places and he succeeded in planting wonderful images in my memory.
It was good to see on TV those memories are no phantasies, but nature is truly as beautiful as it was then.

Wish I could go back.

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  1. You are not the only one that appears to be affected with the change of the clocks ... I can't remember a year when I have craved sleep so much in the mornings as this year.
    I notice that you had mentioned a programme on BBC ... are you by chance watching Little Dorrit ... it is the first time that I have seen an adaptation of this story. I thought that there would be episode 3 on Sunday and was looking forward to it but now I'm told that it won't be shown until Wednesday ... Oh well!

    I hope that you enjoyed your bread rolls ... a few years ago I used to buy a Dutch fruit loaf which was truly lovely and was on sale at Sainsbury's. It had all types of fruit in it, I don't know what it was called - it wasn't sweet but was a lovely, enjoyable snack - I wonder if you know which loaf I mean?


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