Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Queen Elisabeth II

november 12 2008

The famous ship: Queen Elisabeth II has left Great Britain on her last trip to Dubai, where it will serve as a luxury hotel.

Last summer I went with the girls and the oldest of my first daytrip in oh so many years.
I knew the Queen Elisabeth II was in the harbour of Rotterdam, but not in the part the touristboats usually go.
Because all papers wrote about it I assumed the staff of the touristboats would be proud to have such a famous and tremendously large ship in their harbour.

As I already said years and years that I want to make a trip through the harbour again, we all did.
And I was right.

Suddenly the captain switched off the tape with tourist information and took over.
We went to the part where I hoped to go and we sailed not only past the Queen Elisabeth, but we sailed as close as we could.

It was amazing!

Such a majestic ship towering high above us. Immense!

What an experience.


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