Monday, November 17, 2008

Ooooowwwaaaaahhhhhh Ikea!!!!!!!

november 17 2008

With the couch we bought a footstool of the same material.

Putting the cover over the couch wasn't a problem, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem to put the footbench together.

bottom part...
a huge cushion
a cover
and a cushionpart on the wood.

One cover? the cover there's a part for the topcushion too.
No entrance though...

From the corner of the eye I saw a zip inside. Just when I was thinking to take the toppart apart and sew the whole thing together after putting the cushion in.

In the meantime one of my sons, the handy man, came in.
With two we hardly got the cushion in...
I told him to go and do his things, because the cushion needed to settle.
When he was away I managed by hanging on it, to get it in rather well and zip it up.

My son came back and tried to put the cloth of the cover over the wooden underpart...

Hanging on wood doesn't help!

Ooooowwwaaaaahhhhhh Ikea!!!!!!!

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