Saturday, November 1, 2008

No soup for dinner

november 1 2008

I was so lucky yesterday.

The oldest mailed he would come over and there was no need to make preparations for dinner.

Knowing him and his asperger syndrome I asked him at what time he would be here.
It sounded well, but he's got difficulties remembering his appointments and keeping them, so I told him that I'd start cooking at that time if he wouldn't be here.

But ofcourse I kept my fingers crossed.

He called, he wouldn't be in time, but he was in the shoppingcentre, so when the girls...

They were gone within a minute. LOL!
Almost half an hour later they came home with bananas, vegetables, meat, yoghurt and some other stuff, and invaded the kitchen.

We all got a banana so waiting wouldn't be long.
He was forgotten to buy things for soup.

The rest of the meal was good.
He gave us seasoned steak with vegetables and mushrooms, slices potatoes and a drip of sause, because the package was for one person only and not 6, and because they misread the amount of water needed.

Dessert was grande!!!
Yughurt with cinnamom and apples. Wow!

Even the coffee was exactly right.


Additional gain: the children love to see him cooking and love to help, so they learn the things he learns at the trainingshouse.

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  1. Well..It's the thought that counts.
    I beet you had fun..and it was a night that you got to get out of the kitchen..woohoo!


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