Saturday, November 8, 2008

No gaps in my knowledge

november 8 2008

Because the questions are put online when I'm already to bed, I'll play a week later.

1. If you had to fill in as a substitute teacher at a local middle school, what subject would you be most comfortable teaching?

I don't really mind, because the subject I was worst of the school ever was the subject I had to lecture at university: mathematics and statistics.
I guess I was ripe enough to get the proper knowledge by then.

But I would love to teach "society knowledge".
It's the subject where pupils are told about important matters in society and they learn to form an opinion and to debate.

2. When you were in school, what was a better indication of your true understanding of what you were learning: class participation, the accuracy of your homework, or your test scores?

My homework was a better reflection, because it showed I worked very hard.
Sometimes tests didn't take into account the exceptions on the rules and I would give the wrong answer because I was trying to fit in the exceptions somewhere.
Often teachers didn't know the tiny details and I had to object against the scores, talk about it and then they would be changed.

3. You meet someone for the first time and have a brief conversation with them. If you run into them the next afternoon, how likely are you to remember their name?

Well, I can keep it untill the next afternoon.
30 years later I will still remember the face, but I would know the name only in about 30% of the cases.

4. Take the quiz: Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?

There Are 0 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:

No Gaps!

Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:








5. If you had “gaps” in your knowledge, did you expect to have them where they were predicted? If you had none, which of the listed subjects would be the ones you’d most expect gaps to be?

Well, this was general knowledge mainly.
I would expect gaps in chemistry.

6. If you could go back to school for one semester free of charge and “try again” with any subject, which one would you choose and why?

With my former teachers?
French, without doubt.
Now I wouldn't be too shy to dream away in his eyes. Woohoo!!!!

But without the former teachers I would go for chemistry, finish it, and get a medical degree.

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