Friday, November 28, 2008

measles on the rise

november 28 2008

I just heard disturbing news.
Measles (rubeola virus) is on the rise in Great Britain, and I won't be surprised it will be on the rise all over the world.

For all sorts of reasons children aren't vaccinated.
Be it poverty, or a false idea that vaccinations cause autism.

I can't say it enough: vaccinations don't cause autism.
Vaccinations might cause some short term behavioral changes in autistic children because they are not able to understand why the integrity of their body is violated, but they certainly don't cause autism.

In countries without vaccinations often there are no possibilities to diagnose the number of autistic children, but some midwife friends have tried to find out if in the non-vaccination villages there are no or less autistic children. With proper diagnostic skills, autistic children can be found and the number is on the rise.
In villages where children are vaccinated about the same amount of autistic children can be diagnosed.

The person who brought the whole idea in the world about the link between vaccinations and autism has clearly stated that he made the whole story up.
There are no research findings since then that clearly find a link.

So when you haven't vaccinated your child for that reason, please reconsider.

Measles isn't just a chilhood disease.
There are many wellknown complications, some causeing lifelong disability, including death.

I myself didn't even have a bad case of measles, but I had to be hospitalised because it caused earache which resulted in meningitis.

I was cured.

But I've always had terrible headaches near the area that was inflamed worst, for at least 2 to 3 days a week.

One of my present friends got meningitis from the measles too and she also was left with eareaches and meningitis and a leg that doesn't listen to what she wants.

For those who don't know measles here are some facts:

From exposure to first symptoms there are about 9 to 11 days. (incubation period)

The first symptoms include:
tiredness and exhaustion
cough and cold symptoms
painful and runny eyes with swollen eyelids
high fever

About 3 days after the first symptoms the rash will appear.
First on the forehead and face,
then neck and trunk,
and slowly moving down to the feet over three days.

The rash tends to last about three days in each site.

Measles can't be cured, only prevented.

1 in 6 patients has to deal with diarrhoea (might result in dehydration, might be dangerous to certain groups of people)

Complications can be serious:

ear infections,
conjunctivitis and occasionally more serious eye problems,
convulsions due to the fever (febrile convulsions),
pneumonia, bronchitis (1 in 20),
and nervous system may also be affected.

Measles can be fatal or lead to continuing disability.

My friend can't walk properly.

MMR vaccination gives a lifelong protection.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us!
    Here in Germany there's a campaign to have all children entering school vaccinated. All women are also urged to have this done. The women can have this done when they go to their check up at the gynocologist. I'm still considering (I always react allergic). What's been bothering me...what about the men??? Why are they exempt from this campaign?


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