Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday # 142

november 17 2008

Do you believe people are basically good?

Yes, I do.
But I guess I'm too naive, falling too quick for people who smile.
I've been disappointed by people so many times, I should know better.

So maybe it's more that I want to believe that people are good, and that I forget that people develop away from basically good.

After all the experiences with some people at the school of my autistic son, I'm witholding myself a bit more.
I don't like not to trust people. It's stressful.

If you could change the custom of shaking hands, what would you replace it with?

Well, people before me have changed it into kissing three times.
I'm OK with doing that with friends, but with strangers?

Now shaking hands feels artificial with some people, but I'm perfectly OK with that.

Maybe I like to change it... with some people... by simply standing with my hands on my back and making a little movement forward to acknowledge I've seen the other.

What is something that you enjoy that is a chore for most other people?

I can't think of anything else.

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