Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's remembrance day in Great Britain.

november 9 2008

The sound of the souls
whispered in the winds
that passed through White Hall.

We remember them all.


It's remembrance day in England.

Even though I live in The Netherlands, I always feel very touched by the ceremonies.

My father served in the Royal Air Force during the war, and so did the chaplain who always visited my parents, and when I married also visited me.

They both have died and left their stories in the past.

But they didn't leave their friends unknown.
I've heard many stories about friends who never returned.
About airplanes that never touched the english soil again.

Not only the war itself changed them.
Their family was at home, heavily bombed and suffering oppression of the Germans, who forgot that the border was so near and that for the war they welcomed all those people in their shops and restaurants as friends who they during 5 long years treated as dirt.
Knowing that the family suffered so badly from fear, lack of food, lack of rest and safety, they helped to end the war as young men and women do.

The war changed these both men.

Their stories have made a lasting impression, and in a way I felt hurt that yesterday evening at the ceremony no one represented the WW2 foreigners who served in the English Army during WW2.

The war has changed me too.

I've heard so many stories, I've seen so much grief, from both people here and people who served in the army, that it has made a lasting impression.

Both my father and his friend, the army chaplain, made my heart reach out to those who lost their lives during WW2, their friends, their men.

So I'm touched, each year.
Keeping the remembrance for their friends and men alive.

I've told my family that I want to be in England at one of the remembrance ceremonies next year.

Anyone who can help me, please let me know.

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