Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm ill too

november 23 2008

Woke up with an asthma attack and feeling bad.

Not a good moment to get ill, as the flueshot is due on wednesday.
Far too late.

I don't feel like blogging today.

Invested such a lot to get this blog going, but there are almost no paid posts available.
Meaning another sad december. Even worse than last year.
It really gets to me today.

And I refuse to blog for police outfits.
Not for 5 dollars and not for 25.
Let them advertise in their own papers.

Today it snowed a lot and there was a very thick layer on everything.
Now it isn't freezing here anymore, so outside is a dripping concert.

Well, I have to feel better soon, as I can't stop being an active mom.
Wish people didn't need me and I could hide in a corner of my bed.



  1. Awe sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon. It's getting cold here too and I’ll be watching my Julie like a hawk so she won't play outside. Cold weather is her trigger for her asthma and since she loves to play the snow we have to watch her. If she goes outside her tops is 5 mins.

    Take care and feel better soon.

  2. take lots of rest, so you'll feel a lot better tomorrow. :)


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