Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls, pink and electronics

november 18 2008

It's the birthday of the girls and we're waiting for the oldest to come home and cook dinner.

It's quite festive, even though they're making their homework at the moment.

They got nice presents and were surprised at school by their friends, who had changed their locker into a party itself with stickers and flags.

I'm so glad they're not interested in electronics, but in real girly things like shawls, booklets, hairclips and a lot of pink.

There is a feel of expectancy, not only because a friend will visit later, but also because their is a strike today among teachers and they hope their teachers take part too.
That'll mean they'll be home early tomorrow afternoon, and having more time to spend with their giggling friends.

Isn't life interesting at 13?


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