Friday, November 7, 2008

Food 4 Thought Friday

november 7 2008


What are you most grateful for at this very moment?

That the girls are doing well at school. That they enjoy themselves there and that they never complain about the early mornings.


Did this week's election results leave you feeling optimistic, pessimistic, or neither? Answer even if you aren't a U.S. citizen.

Some of the questions I've asked myself when choosing between the candidates:
Is there someone who can do it better?
Is the person capable of staying there full term and even stand straight during a second term?
When I, living in The Netherlands, ask questions by mail about subjects that are of international importance, do I get an answer?
Which of the candidates will be able to give people a feeling of purpose?
Which of the candidates presents his plans throughout the campaign in a consistent way?
Which of the candidates is able to lead the USA and keep an open mind about working together with other countries without looking down on them or belittling their efforts?

Soon it was quite clear that Obama was the man who has the most characteristics of a true president.

He had choosen the right people for his campaig. He stayed calm and focussed, and nothing made him loose his temper.

When the results came in I had a moment of fear McCain and his page might win, but then Obama pushed straight through.

We were as happy as the americans.

Today I heard that maybe Robert Gates might be the man for the defense post.
For me the first sign of bad judgement.

The man has attacked and insulted under Bush so many times the European allies, that people are less open and will have the feeling the european efforts are not valued.
Americans want respect for their culture, well we want respect for ours.
So it would be better Obama chooses someone else.

So my positivity is less at the moment.

I think a man as Obama can do a lot for America.
Whether people will see that the first years is to be seen, as the credit crisis can't be stopped just like that.
It also depends on how fast he's able to influence Bush in his decissions. Officially we all have to wait untill january, and then were further down in the problems I fear.
So Obama has to take the country out of a deep pit and it'll take a lot of effort to get things leveled out.

When he won't use his power to better himself I hope the Americans will get one of the best men of the last centuries. He's very talented.


Name five meals you repeatedly have for dinner over and over.

Spaghetti, potatoes with spinach and egg, potatoes with salad and meatloaf, hutspot, baked potatoes with fish and vegetables.

Midnight Snack
If you had a robot to help around the house, what three jobs would you have them do? What are three jobs you would not let them do?

Vacuuming, cleaning the toilet and cleaning the kitchen (for hygienic reasons cleaning the kitchen first.)

Not: tidying my room, doing the laundry, cooking.

Recipe for this Week

(instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?)

Keep your calm when other people don't.
Always keep in mind what you want to achieve and go for it.

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  1. I was so interested in your view of the presidential election from someone not living here! Thank you for widening my perspective. I always wonder what the rest of the world thinks. I personally am not a fan of Obama at all, but I will support him as President now that he is the holder of the office. Yes, he is a very talented man. I just pray he will do the right things for our country and keep the terroists at bay. Anyway - I really enjoyed reading your thoughts!

    What is hutspot?

    GREAT Recipe for the week very true!


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