Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dreaming of You

november 22 2008

Dreaming of You

1. What did you dream about last night?

I can't remember.

2. Do you often have nightmares?

My whole life is a nightmare, so one can say that the nightmare has me.

3. Do you have any special talents?


I can sing, dance, make music and I'm even able to make a bagpipe sound OK.
I can write and I can get a party going.
Apart from all that I can run a family of 8, with 4 kids with autism spectrum disorder, and I'm not afraid to speak in front of huge audiences.

4. Who is the most talented person that you know?

Pff, I don't know.

5. What did you watch on TV last?

The weatherforecast, because snow was mentioned.
And it snowed today! (It's gone now....)

6. Is there a new TV show that you would recommend?

You'd better ask me which favorite TV show I dislike. LOL!

I don't watch new shows...I'm too attached to the oldies.

7. Who was the last person you phoned and why?

Uh...hmmmm... eh... dunno...
I'm sure it was to make an appointment, because I hardly use the phone.

8. Who was the last person who phoned you and why?

The father of the kids.
He always calls when he's out for groceries, and he always asks a question he knows the answer of.

9. What was the last snail mail letter that you received?

From the department that deals with the legal affairs of my son.
Ill blog about that later.

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  1. From reading your answers, I'd have to guess that the most talented person you know just might be youself!

    I do hope you have a nice Saturday :)

  2. A singer and a dancer? When's the next show? :) Have a great day, Laane...

  3. hey laane! dropped by to deliver this..

    take care.

  4. Sounds like YOU are quite talented.

  5. love me tender, love me sweet
    all my dream fulfill

  6. You are one talented lady! I think you rock!


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