Tuesday, November 11, 2008


november 11 2008

When you're easily offended, don't read.

Isn't life full of contradictions?

Not all of them should be, however.

Some can be solved by people with an open heart and the wish to share what they have.
Some van be solved by taken the responsibilities that should be the natural consequence of their actions.

Yesterday many people blogged about refugees.
I've read such wonderful posts that I didn't have time left to write a blog about it myself.
(No, I didn't feel bad about that, because I stand up for them as much as I can by confronting those who make the decisions about these people: politicians.
And yes, I know I make more people aware of the lack of hospitability and human treatment of many countries.)

My country houses many refugies from all sorts of countries.
The years that we welcomed them with open arms I felt happy.
Sharing what we have and allowing people to better their lives in a safe environment was something a normal human being does.
I enjoyed the richness of culture they brought, and I've learned a tremendous lot about all sorts of areas of life.
It has made me aware that it's important to acknowledge we're all world citizens, especially in the present, now the borders fall away at internet.

To me it's natural to welcome these people in my country.
They have not choosen to be born elsewehere, and I can be lucky to live here.
It's so simple. I could have been one of them.

But many countries have closed their borders and don't want more fugitives in the country than a small amount.

Interesting is that especially the countries that take up arms so easily, that interfere in other countries with their warmachine, have closed the borders for fugitives.
Their "helping out" only stretches to trying to kill as many people they consider a threat for their own countries.

Help? Aid?

Come on!

Armies send on peace missions?
With fully loaded guns and air force back up?
Building schools by bombing large areas?

By keeping the people in the country they're bombing, not allowing them to flee the war?

It's veterans day...

Well, maybe that's why fugitives are not allowed to enter the countries that made them into fugitives.

So there won't be a confrontation.

The fight for freedom of some world countries is about their own freedom to do what they want, not about the freedom of the countries they attack.


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