Thursday, November 27, 2008

the continuing story - special support? Forget it.

november 27 2008

I haven't been writing like I used to.
The whole situation around school for my son is taking so much energy...
I realised I didn't even have the time to grief over the death of one of my best friends.

I went this week to have a meeting with a legal advisor, who might be of help.
Never ever,with someone that educated, have I been engaged in such a chaotic, useless conversation.
When I went I had my hopes high, to have found someone who wanted to go with me to the meetings with school and keep things straight.
When I went home I could hardly keep my tears away until I was home.

Maybe this woman is great with legal subjects, sure she isn't on the subject of educational law.

Ofcourse I like it when people give me compliments. And I've felt so much support from my fellow bloggers.. but this woman...
She told me I was a lion for my children, how strong I was, and a lot of other things, which sounded aloof and textbook.

She also told me all kids needed to go to school, and she told me institutions do great work with autists.

I don't need someone who stands straight in opposition to what I need to get accomplished.

So that was it....

I'm completely on my own.

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  1. there someone else you could get to help you? perhaps an advocacy agency of some sort?

  2. Laane- I'm sorry you had this awful experience. Personally, I'm always wary of professional advisers of any kind. Don't despair! I'm sure you'll meet the right person to help you.


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