Friday, November 7, 2008

the continuing story - in motion again

november 7 2008

I was already preparing sentences in my head to send a new mail to the school of my autistic son to remind them that they asked me for an appointment, not the other way around. And that we're still waiting for that appointment since our letter of september 26 2008.

Today I got a surprise: a letter from school.
Stating they needed to review the case at school, because things were very complicated.

Why not involve me?
Why now? It's started in august!!

For those who are new: my 4 sons all deal with an autism spectrum disorder.
One of them with classic autism.

He's dropped out of school because he couldn't cope.
He was suppossed to go to an auti-class at another school, but after months it turned out there was no place.
All children here have to go to school by law, unless they're too disabled.
The council representative decided that he was not too disabled, because he's autistic and there are auti-classes (ignoring there is no place).
We filed a legal complaint, because they should have informed themselves by an independent expert, which they didn't.
We're now waiting for an invitation to be seen by an expert.

Homeschooling is forbidden, unless one of part of certain religious organisations who are extremely strict.
I'm not, and I won't lie about that.

In the meantime the old school, where my son was traumatised because they hardly did something for him, because the coordinator considers autism the result of wrong upbringing, had to offer us an educational plan.
It was completely unacceptable.

I asked for a new plan and an appointment... still nothing.

Because they want to review the case at school first.

Which is interesting, because they just don't know what he can and can't.

Yesterday I had a talk with the social worker of one of my other sons and she offered that she or one of the others of her organisation could go with me to the meetings.
I welcomed the offer.

We've been troubled by the council representative for almost a year now.
They keep threatening to bring us to court, thus trying to manipulate me into decisions which are not the best for my son.

Well, let's say it keeps me sharp.

But the stress became so big that I had to watch my own health too.

Ofcourse I asked some people for help.
The schooldoctor for instance.
He answered and asked information, but did nothing.

All of a sudden he mailed me today.
How things are and whether I still need help.
He told me he heard from the council representative matters were still not settled.


So they've taken up the case and are talking about us again.

My question is where he's spoken the council representative.
If it's at the council, then why?
And if it's at school, they're in big trouble as they need my written permission to talk about the case.


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  1. Hi Laane,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - so glad you enjoyed it and by all means - please put me on your Blogs list.

    It makes sense to me now that you live in the Netherlands. North American schools do it differently - not necessarily any better but at least autistic children usually get a one on one aid. Keep battling - your schhol system needs advocates like you - one who's a mother to 4 children on the autistic spectrum.

    On that note, I often wonder why the rates of autism have risen so significantly in the past 10 years.

    Some theories in North America are - the MMR vaccines, toxins in the environment that produce sensitivities - the latest article that I couldn't believe had to so with wet weather !

    Anyway , would love to know your thoughts.

    Have a great day - ( maybe night :)



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