Friday, November 14, 2008

the continuing story - a bill!!!

november 14 2008

We haven't had any information from the school since my autistic son dropped out of school.
We didn't even get a booklist, or a letter in which group he was expected. Nothing at all!!

And they dare to send a bill.

Oh oh my bloodpressure... supervulcano!

It's a bill for 135 euro.

- extra material
- daytrip
- printed paperwork
- parents organisation
- material for artsclasses

So we paid each year for daytrips he didn't take part in.
We paid for a parents organisation that doesn't even know he excists.

He never ever followed artclasses, because it's so chaotic there that he can't cope at all. (And the teacher is afraid of autistic children, so it has never been a problem.)

And the extra material? They never bothered to give it to him, and he didn't dare to ask.

So this bill is a nono.
And the others that will come too.

Am I angry!!!!!!

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  1. hmmmmmmmm; I will follow your blog to see what happens next with the bill. Good luck! Nancy

  2. 135 Euro???? Have they gone mad? I guess so. What did you do at the very moment...?


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