Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations USA!!!

november 5 2008

Congratulations with OBAMA!!

(I told you so!)

I've been awake all night (it's 5 in the morning here now) to follow the results of the elections here on TV.

Our best journalists were present in The Occidental in New York to report all night about backgrounds, differences in culture and other important items between Europe and the USA and a lot more.
Ofcourse the broadcast doesn't stop now, it goes on for at least another 4 hours.

Interviews with Americans who were born there or in The Netherlands were very interesting and I feel this night has created a better understanding for America among the watchers.
It's a pity the program isn't broadcasted in America.
More understanding the other way around is equally important.

On internet I followed the elections by watching American programs.

I'm touched by the enormous expectancy of hope so many people expressed.

These feelings are shared by the people here.



  1. Hope is all we had. And it worked :o) Thank you for your kind words on my blog and here.

  2. Hope is back Laane !!!
    I stayed awake as well and was too excited to sleep...

  3. My husband and I stayed up until well after 6am UK time and it was amazing to watch everything going on back home. I am so proud. It was a great moment that I will never forget :-)

  4. I stayed up too … what an amazing night it was! Thanks for your interest and support.
    Hugs and blessings,


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