Sunday, November 16, 2008

caregiver's honor

november 16 2008

It's the beginning of a very dynamic week.

The girls celebrate their birthday on tuesday,
my autistic soon needs not only attend sportclasses twice, but he also needs to see his psychiatrist.

Right after that appointment, his father and I will be heading towards the school for a meeting we'd rather not want. Not before the council has taken the decision there is no need for him to go to a school that isn't able to meet his needs.

I also need to go to the doc, because my back is still killing me and I need to make an appointment with the dentist.

And I want to write the mayor a mail.

In the paper he wrote an nice piece about the day for caretakers, or a better word: caregivers.
It was last week.

He said that he enjoyed his time at their special day and he was impressed by what they all do to care for others.
Everyone who was there got a bouquet of flowers and a bookcoupon.
That beside a good backmassage, music, coffee and the whole lot to give them a pleasant day.

To my feeling the real caregivers were at home.
They were taking care of elderly, their disabled children or other family members or friends.
Their day was just as any other day: full of stress, care and too many hours for nothing but, maybe, a smile.

My non-paid job is to take care of 4 children who need a lot of extra care.
One of them needs one-to-one constant attention.

I feel the day of caregivers is only for those who can leave the house, hand over their duties. So people who can relax at times, have some distance, and who can supplement their loss of energy.

But the day should be for those who can't leave their houses.
Who can't feel their house is a home anymore, because they live for others and can't fullfill their dreams or daily longings.

They are the ones who should get a present.

I'm not sure I'll tell the mayor I want to be surprised with a gardenhouse, so I can be available within a second, but can also feel away from it all.
That I too want a bookcoupon, or a cup of coffee with one of my favorite writers. He's welcome.
No need for a bouquet of flowers. Most of them make me sneeze.

I'm OK wit a medal.
One of caregiver's honor.

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  1. I know you've heard it before, but take care of yourself first.

    It's not selfish advice, but a matter of importance for your family and you.

    Rest when you can, laugh when you can't, and allow yourself to cry more often than you think you should.

    From one who knows.


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