Saturday, November 1, 2008

Being a Good Sport

november 1 2008

Being a Good Sport

1. Were you raised around a lot of sports?

I learned to swim when I was 5, which was quite exceptionally those days.
I was one of the contestswimmers of my school, so it had result.

My father was a champion in running, so he taught me how to win.
None at our school expected the little, shy girl of the second grade to win the schoolraces. I did.

It was also the last time I put some effort in it.
To me running is good to get the bus in time. LOL!

In the winter my dad took me to iceskating.
When I was 4 on his feet, much to the amusement of other people, but soon I wanted to skate on the wooden skates.

When I was 6 I got better ones and when I was 9 I was allowed on the grown up part of the skatecentre when I had proper iceskates. So I got them.

I've enjoyed many evenings skating with the big boys and men. It must have been a strange sight to see a little girl going as fast as the best men.
I was not "discovered" though, so when I was about 20 I had the last chance to skate. Serious life took over.
Isn't it a pity?

2. What is your favorite sport?

Well, until a few years ago I loved swimming.
I don't have enough time now, as the pool is too far away to go for fun.

3. When did you last play a sport?

Oops I answered that under 2.

4. When did you last attend a professional sporting event and what was it?

Pooh.... can't even remember. It's all so very expensive these days.
We have a professional basketball team not too far from here, but the costs... Ugh!

5. What was the last sport you watch on TV?

Iceskating, this morning.
The first contests started this morning.

6. If you have children, do they play the same sports that you did? If not, someday if you have kids, would you like them to?

It's their own choice.
One of them is a very good skateboarder.

7. Do you think other people care too much about sports?

Looking at it...yes.
But people don't care much to go sporting.
There is a fitness hype..
It's over the top now.
Some people throw themselves in it after work like their life depends on it and they have nothing else to do, including drinks and clothes.
Their kids are not half as important.
Well, when they get older they get wrinkles too and backaches and all the fun of older age.
When they stop they get as fat as all the others. There is some justice in this world. LOL!
But they don't have the memories about their children as others.

8. Do you have the freedom to be as involved in either playing or watching as much sports as you’d like to?

No, not at all.
I would love to skate again. The hall is 5 minutes away. But it's far too expensive to go there every week.

9. Who is your favorite sports team?

Huh? I have none.
Maybe the ladies hocketteam. They won at the olympic games and they has so much fun.

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  1. You obviously had a special dad. You are very lucky! Happy November...

  2. When I was in high school, all they had was team sports and I hated them because I was always picked last.

    But in college they had a wide range of sports to take. I took scuba diving, backpacking, skiing and skeet shooting and I loved them all.

  3. Great answers! Happy Saturday!

  4. Great answers!!!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

  5. how I wish I could do ice skating too... :)The only thing my dad and I bond outdoor is firing in a shooting range.=)

  6. I swam competitively in elementary school too! Have a great Sunday :)

  7. You dad sounds awesome.

    I too think it is too expensive to go to a professional game...I just watch them on tv.


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