Sunday, October 12, 2008

worries about my son in England

october 12 2008

Yesterday he, my second son, first msn'd where they're staying.
A very nice vacation parc near dover, with not tool much luxury to make it expensive, but a small swimmingpool and very clean, comfortable houses.

Knowing he'd arrived well and finding out he was enthousiastic made mee feel OK.

Later in the evening he contacted us again.

Before understanding you must know he's got a girlfriend for a few months now.
She's pretty, a bit shy, nice to me.
Last week she went on vacation with school and my son was restless. Missing her and being a bit afraid she might fall for the avances of a boy who told right before they went that he wanted her and that he was going to have a go at her during the vacation.

When the girl came back she wanted to see my son (Yes, he was ordered to meer her after her yogaclasses) and she told him she liked the other boy too and she couldn't choose.

You can imagine the feelings of my son, and with those feelings he went to England.

So he messaged again yesterday evening, telling he felt so sad and he didn't think he would be able to stay there all week.

Oh my dear!!

All we could do from here was advice him to talk with the parents of his friend.

So I couldn't fall asleep last night untill it was very late and I expected him to be fallen asleep.
All day I feel like waiting for him to call.

I don't know how to reach that girl and she can be happy with that.
But at times she walks through the street.
I won't wait at the window, but when I see her she's in for a good mother-daughter talk.

For the first time in his life my son is able to go to England and she spoils it this way.

My son has and autism spectrum disorder and he has trouble struggling himself away from thought that have fixed themselves in his mind.
So you'll understand I feel powerless and worried.


  1. any mom would feel the same. and yes i agree, that girl needs a good mother-daughter talk, and if her mom can give her that i think you can ;)

    i hope your son is okay.

  2. What a way to ruin a vacation! Sounds like your son would be better off without this girlfriend!

  3. Such a shame. My 18 yr old son & 14 yr old daughter have Autism so I know what you mean by the fixed thoughts that can overwhelm him. Sending prayers for a happy safe visit in England and a joyful homecoming.

  4. That's a lot to think about while away on a trip. I hope your son finds some peace of mind and just enjoy his time there. :)

  5. Damn!

    I don't know either your son or the girl but going by what you relate - she is a selfish, thoughtless nincompoop.

    Please give your son my HUGGSS!

  6. Your son sounds like a good man. I do hope this girl does not hurt him too much.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.


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