Friday, October 10, 2008

Watching and observing.

october 10 2008

I'm amazed how fast poeple get used to digital signage.
How fast I got used to it.

Near the railway- and busstation a huge building marked the area behind the busses.
A few weeks ago a huge TV screen with advertsing was hung there, and while waiting for the busses it was a great distraction.

Now they're demolishing the building, and the screen has gone.

While waiting for the bus this afternoon I looked up against the broken brick wall.
For a moment I felt lost and then realised the large screen was gone.
It was like I was searching for something to draw my attention.

How easy watching those advertisements had taken the place of observing people.

I'm glad I became aware of it.

I'd rather actively watch people passing by, phantasising about their life, than passively see recorded people act out a prewritten message.


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