Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Storing boxes and bowls

october 1 2008

This week Works For Me is a themed edition:

The Kitchen Organization Edition

For a family of 8 we need a kitchen of the size of a railwaystationhall, instead it's small. Very small.

Storage for food is somewhere else, except for spaghetti, herbs and a few other important items. I have them in decorative tins on a shelf right under the roof.

The rest of the kitchen is pretty much like other kitchens.
Except for my riding storage baskets system.

It's a tower of baskets on wheels.

I've seen them with fruit in them, but I'm storing my bowls and little boxes in them.

The tops on top, the small tupperware and other bowls in the level under that, etc.

Because it's light I can push it aside when it's in my way, roll it in a corner, and when I'm cleaning up after a meal I reach out and put the leftovers in small boxes ready for the fridge and when I'm making bread for the next day, I reach out and have all the lunchboxes right beside me.

Works for me!

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  1. I haven't had my coffee yet, could you add a picture? It does sound like a neat idea; just don't understand how I could duplicate it. Blessings, Whitney

  2. thanks for your comment laane. ;)

    preparing for a big family must be a tough job, i salute you for that ;)


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