Saturday, October 11, 2008

Return to Sender

october 11 2008

Return to Sender

1. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?

To the school that is supposed to educate my autistic son.
It was in fact the second time I mailed the same letter, because I didn't get a reply on the former one.

2. Can you change the oil on a car?

No. But we don't have a car.
Why do I find questions about cars so often?

I use a bycicle, and, yes, I can change a tyre.

3. Name three things you have on you at all times.

Passport (we have to)

4. What’s your life motto?

I have more than one, because I need some special ones at times.

I love this Chinese proverb:
It's easier
to rule a country
than a family.

I also like:
Just be yourself, that's crazy enough.

Live today.

Understanding makes peace.

Children deserve to play and to be happy.

Children don't have to live up to our expectations, they have to live up to the expectations they have from themselves when they're grown up.

He's autistic, get a life yourself.

How an autistic child reacts is not a matter of upbringing, it's a matter of how other people react to him or her.

Need I go on?

5. What’s a word that you say a lot?


6. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Waiting for my son to return to sleep the last night at home before he went to England.

7. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

That's not a thought,
that's a primary reaction like when eeing the biggest spider of the world. Ugh!

8. Who is your worst enemy?

The contactperson from the school of my autistic son.
The council representative who forced a prolonged subscription at his (former) school.

9. What does your watch look like?
It's rectanguar, little and old.

I want a pocketwatch with very nice hands, beautiful cyphers and with a good feel.

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  1. I like your mottos! Happy Saturday!

  2. Amazingly, I don't even HAVE a passport...I've never even left the USA :(

    Have a great Saturday!

  3. "Easier to rule a country than a family."...hmmm....interesting.

  4. Hi Laane
    You've received a weblog reward. Please see my blog

  5. Thinking of your letter situation - it might be an idea for the future to cc the letters and send a copy to other people. I know that you shouldn't really have to do this - and people that do not reply are extremely rude - but sometimes I think that it is necessary to jolt people into just doing their job properly.
    The one thing that annoys me in any walk of life is rudeness ... so unnecessary. I hope that you get a reply this time.

  6. Nice list. I would like a reason to get a passport, but that would mean taking both my kids on a plane and not about to happen in this lifetime.

    I really like the picture on the blog, does not look like that yet here in Los Angeles, although my neighborhood was listed in the APA top ten this week so it should mean something, probably more expensive to live here now.


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