Saturday, October 18, 2008

The remains of Marlies van de Kouwe are identified

october 18 2008

When Marlies van de Kouwe disappeared at Bonaire at september 21 this year, we all had to think about the Natalee Holloway case.

Marlies seemed to have disappeared without a trace, but careful police investigation revealed that people had seen she was dragged from her bicycle and taken away on a scooter.

She was 24 and worked in the drugstore at the island.
A nice young women.

The storm Omar revealed body parts near a waste dump.
Analysis of the teeth established the identity.

4 suspects were taken into custody. One had nothing to do with the case, the other three are still behind bars.

Ryan P. the prime suspect, has been taken to the jail at curacao.

The media have dealt with the disappeance of Marlies in a respectful way.
No one trying to get in the limelight and no one hunting for american media interest.
The parents have been left alone as good as possible.

I feel so sorry for them and for the rest of the family and friends of Marlies.

But I'm glad it hasn't been the same media circus as it was with Natalee Holloway's case.


  1. I feel sorry too for the rest of the people who care about Marlies.
    Thank you sharing & updating the information.

  2. With the new disappearance of a blonde, young, white girl in a former Dutch colony, the Dutch media is drawing comparisons between this case of Marlies van der Kouwe and Natalee Holloway's. Beth Twitty has tried to make contact with Marlies's parents, but to no avail. I'm blogging about how America's culture promotes the hyperreal, something Dutch culture isn't so receptive to (I've also blogged about the Natalee thing in general). I'm with you that it's good this isn't turning into a media circus.

    There's a made-for-tv movie coming out (made by Twitty) on the Lifetime network. The American media continues to feed on the bloated, rotting corpse that is Natalee Hollway. Isn't it great how the Dutch people seem to be resisting the tendencies... even if just a little?


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