Sunday, October 19, 2008

A pretty amazing evening

october 19 2008

It started out as one of those boring saturday evenings which have only one highlight: Casualty on BBC 1.

So I watched this episode of the series, had another cup of coffee and then suddenly we hard someone slam on the window.

Ofcourse I jumped up about half a meter from my chair, but I've learned first to think at those unusual events.

So instead of going to the front window I had a look in the back garden.
They thought I was nuts, untill I explained that maybe some people wanted to divert our attention towards the front of the house, so they can steal a bicycle out of the back garden.

Another thump on the front window, made me have a quiet look through the door that leads to the hallway.
Even though the glass is milky, I can see rather well who's in front of the house.

No one.

I even had a look outside, but I saw nothing.

After the third thump, about half an hour later I decided to go and have a walk outside with the father of the children after a wait of about 20 minutes.

So we went outside, ofcourse I had my flashlight with me.

Nothing in the playarea between the houses, but I saw something move at the end of the path towards the street.
I quietly walked there, with the father of the children following.

At the corner two boys with jackets and hood on their heads were looking towards our house.

I started to talk very quiet.
"What are you doing here?"

I directed the flashlight to their faces and switched it on.
Looked like kids of about 12/14.
It was 1 hour after midnight!!

I expected one of them directing a foot at me...nothing.
They just stood there and looked at me, so I had enough time to study their faces.

Then another slash on the window and two boys ran towards us.
They stopped and looked at me.
So I directed the light at their faces too, and they didn't even protest.
They were about a year older than the other two.

Ofcourse I got no answer when I asked them why they were enjoying themselves at the expense of other children.
But I didn't hear any rotten words either.

So I told them that they should go home and stay there.
They'd better use their PS3 and not disturb the lives of other people anymore.
In case I would see them back, either this night, or anytime else in the future I wouldn't hesitate to call the police.

They walked in front of us towards the playground and two of them wanted to move to the left.
I told them to go to the right and disappear. I added that I knew their faces now, so they should better stay away from me and my house.

We experienced no troubles anymore.

A bit later one of my sons accompanied me on a tour through the neighbourhood.
We walked the streets quietly, but all was silent.

I can't believe those boys were so timid and didn't even think of warning the others or running away.
I didn't see them show any pleasure in what they had done.
So strange!

I wonder why they choose our house.
Or were we the only ones with the lights still on?


  1. Oh heavens, that story scares me to pieces! You are so brave. I would have been doing my best to pretend I didn't hear anything lol

  2. Wow - that sounds like a weird experience!

  3. Approaching those boys as you did would have been a very dangerous thing to do in the U.S. Best case scenario - they would have run off or hollered profanities at you. I don't even want to think about the worst case.

  4. good thing they just kids, what if those were bad elements? next time don't ever go out to check, they may knock you down immediately. you are so brave. always lock the doors. ;)

    have a great week ahead.


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