Wednesday, October 29, 2008


october 29 2008

It has been interesting to watch the way Americans deal with the elections.
Each time again a theme can be put on the way candidates deal with each other, and each electiontime has it's own features.

One would expect that some progress would be seen in moral standards, views on plans to deal with the future, self-respect and respect for others.

But even though it looked in the beginning that finally some changes could be seen, it looks like this electiontime will end the same way as all the others: undermining the credibility of the other candidate.

I'm amazed that again the republicans throw with dirt, instead of presenting people with, for instance, a good economical plan.
McCain needs to fight himself free from the Bush administration and it's mistakes to win votes.
But instead he and his page lower themselves again to the same way elections are dealt with.


Isn´t this the same way Bush motivated the world to agree with an invasion of Iraque? (Yes)

I'm amazed how many people are blind and want to stay blind for the ways matters are dealth with.
Just because their fathers and mothers voted republican, they do.
Just because they need some sort of security they vote republican.

There are many things I can't understand.

People consider themselves to have high religious standards.
I'm fine with that. No abortion, no sex before marriage...
But one can't grasp from Christianity just what is convenient and throw the other values away.

Tolerance, solidarity, shared responsibility, care, don't do unto others what you don't want to have done against yourself, don't lie...
These are some of the other values that are included in the package too.

I can understand the camp of McCain is desperate.

But how desperate are the voters?

Are they blind, or are they afraid to trust someone who is a bit different?

To me it seems republicans are traditionalists.

Today I heard that many republicans buy extra guns, in case Obama wins and limits the use of guns.

I'm living in a country where guns are forbidden for people who're not in the army or the police force.
We can buy our meat in the shops, so there's no need to go out and hunt to have some food on the table.
Self-defense isn't an option with a gun.

By buying those extra guns, people make clear they believe Obama wins. Interesting.

Even more interesting is that Obama isn't against guns. The whole idea is based about stereotyping of the guy by the republicans.
And why do they think they won't pass a few extra laws that try to prohibit the guns falling in hands of terrorists?

Don't think I don't understand that people need the security of their "own" political party.
A century ago all people in my country who called themselves Catholics voted for the Catholic party, and all the protestants for the protestant party and all the laborers who had no religion for the laborers party.

It took a while for people to see that it was important to choose good politicians to secure their jobs, the future of their children, their health and a lot more.
Even taxes aren't an issue during the elections, because our taxes are used for things we all benefit from: good schools, good infrastructure (roads, etc.), clean cities, good care of waste, etc. etc.

The result is a relatively economical and political healthy country, with high standars of healthcare, plenty of jobs and social benefits for all.

Ofcourse we had some politicians who tried to gain the goodwill of the people.
They have all disgracefully disappeared.
We don't allow politicians to undermine the credibility of others, as simple as that.

But we're different.
We're less fear driven, less traditionalistic.
Maybe we trust the people around us more. Or maybe we're more independent in our opinions.
We have freedom of speech here too, and we exercise that every day, also in the political arena.
Voting on a certain party doesn't result in a certain status, only in hind-look maybe.
We learn from our mistakes and from the mistakes others make.
And we're very oriented towards good plans and we have a well defined profile prescription of politicians.
Integrity, honesty and respect are the top characteristics.

Yesterday I saw pollresults for my country.
90% of the people consider Obama the best candidate.

A poll only for americans living here showed a 95% Obama preference.


That means that people who have a broader look on world politics consider Obama to be a better, more credible representative of the USA.

The failure to keep the USA economically healthy calls for responsibility on the side of the voters.
Do they want to have more of the same for their children?
Is their fear to step aside from the trodden path stronger than their wish to change things?

Do they look further than gossip, mud and all the other ways the republicans try to win?

I like the fact that Obama stayed relatively calm during this capaign.
No violent outbursts like McCain.
Obama is surrounded by a group of capable people who are able to manage the country in a better way than the other group.

Think about that when you want to vote blindly.


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