Friday, October 3, 2008

oct 3 - isn't it the 13th yet?

october 3 2008

I was asleep so warm and well. Like an angel. (I hope).

Then suddenly I woke up by a loud noise: someone in the bath protesting against a good flow of cold water.
Kind of fun under normal conditions, because most of the time it means someone is showering too long and I mean, someone downstairs wants to convey that message.
This time it was just someone taking hot water.

I could have slept many more hours, but instead I just entered daily life. Ugh!

Yesterday I managed to put the chest at the right place.
Looks amazingly well.

Problem: there are no shelves in it, and there can't be made any in it, because the doors can be shoved inside at the sides. Like a TV chest. That way it can be used as a desk.
The desk-part of perfect, the rest not.

Ofcourse I was able to take the old chest apart.
I made it myself some 20 years ago.
The wood is still good.
So do I throw it away? Or shall I put it somewhere so I can re-use it at a later date?

Beside the livingroom table I've placed the huge piles of DVD's. With 5 male beings in the house and the library selling them for 1 euro those piles grow quickly. Part of them fits in a box that goes straight under the DVD-player. Good!
And the rest?

When I sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee to get those brains working, something was not good.
Oh my dear!
The couch gave up.
Watching Sarah Palin in the debate must have been too much, even for the couch.
I can't say I didn't see it coming (Both Palin's performance and the couch, LOL!), but now it's for real.
We either have to use something broken, or find a new couch tomorrow.

No way I'll be able to blog one together with PPP.
I've been ungoogled again, so I have to sit with the mouse in hand hyperventilating or holding my breath, ready to jump in high speed to try to get an opportunity for 5 dollar..., which I won't get, because the connection is just a tat of a second slower from here.
I know, I know, others have a ten dollar choice of watches.
My time will come too.
Just tell me when.

When the afternoon changes into a fall evening and it's time to cook, I feel stressed and I don't know why. Maybe the mail will bring the reason tomorrow. School, council representative?

The aren't enough potatoes for everyone.
So today it'll be tomato soup, spaghetti with minced meat and vegetables, and there's enough left from the delicious dessert we had yesterday: apple with cinnamon pudding.
Can't go wrong, unless it's the 13th. And it isn't. Yet.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I LOVE getting to know new people. Yes... Arizona is a beautiful state in which to live. But the heat it gives out is too much. Now we are going into winter and our joy overwhelming not to have 115 degree days again for a few months. You have a most intereting blog. Thanks for letting me in.


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