Saturday, October 25, 2008

no party because of the storm

october 25 2008

Today we were supposed to have some healthy grilling at a neighbourhood party.

I was looking forward to it and even though I can hardly move because of the back injury I hoped I could move there and sit a while at the meal.

It's such a nice way to meet new people and to have a talk with others I almost never see.

But the party is cancelled.
Storm is expected and the tent they have constructed in a large open area is already broken down and according to the children half of the parts are already loaded on a large truck.

The chairman of the neighbourhood society is meeting in an hour with the board to decide what to do.
Either the butger takes all the meat back. Which can be done at no extra cost,
or the grills will be distributed to people in different streets, with equal parts of meat and people can go there to collect their part.

Well, we'll wait and see.

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