Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Money needs to roll

october 21 2008

This morning in the waitingroom a guy asked me about my vision on the present economic climate for investers.

Well, he wasn't just a guy, but a former classmate who still remembered my excellent results in economics at school.

"Money needs to roll, according to my opinion", he said, "what do you think about online trading?"

"Well, ofcourse we need to keep buying and investing.
When we do, production is kept alive and thus jobs are kept.
When we won't buy the usual things, the production will drop and people will loose their jobs. And because they're not able to buy as before, production will drop further and more people will be jobless.

Investing at random and blindly might not be a good idea, but online one is able to keep track of changes in financial matters right as they happen.
You have to watch out that you make wise choices.
Don't settle for high commissions. Firstraders uses a $6.95 flat rate for online orders.
And you have to look for low margin rates and no deposit.

Ofcourse you need to be able to react as fast as you can. Firstraders provide a 3 Second Execution Guarantee for qualified orders, so that's a low risk when you place an order."

So we kept on talking while we were waiting to be called.

When it was his turn, he told me he'd certainly look in the matter and he's going to let me know what he's done.

So I'm expecting a mail from him soon.


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