Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting about legal matters autism - school

october 17 2008

I didn't sleep many hours, but I slept well.
I even enjoyed the autumncolours on my way to the busstation and I felt very alert, observing and ready.

When I got a questionaire about the use of the busses, I realised how focussed I was, because I saw the guy's mouth move and had to ask him what he said.

I was half an hour early.
I asked a key for the toilets and the woman told me only the toilets for the disables were available.

I saw the read cord near the floor when my bag rested against it. After cleaning my hands I took my bag, and then the bell rang. Ugh! That's me!
Because I couldn't use any stress I ust left the toiletarea and handed in the key.
Very calm I went to the expositionarea.
Only after about 3 to 5 minutes the responsible person realised the bell was ringing and it took about another 5 minutes before people arrived who were allowed to go in and help.
So in case I want to have heartfailure tat that place there's no need to expect I'll survive, as it's said the first 6 minutes are the most important!!

When it was finally time someone came to get me for the meeting the woman who approached me looked very familiar.
She was the repacement teacher for one day my son had in basic school, who told me his behaviour was normal for an autistic child. And with that remark she was the first the acknowledge what I had been saying for some years already.

She recognised me too, but we both kept it silent.
I did, to keep the relationship clean.
She then told me she was only a replacement, because she wanted to start new studies after many years working with these children. Well, clearly she studied law successfully.

Another lady was waiting in the room. She was very nice too.

I was able to make my points and I saw in their eyes they were OK.

On of these points was that the council representative based themselves on the opinion of my son's psychiatrist, whereas the law states that it should be an independent expert.
And that my son's psychiatrist states he was unable to go to any school apart from one with auti-classes, which said nothing about my son's ability to go there.

They didn't expect that turn, but where interested.
Asked me whether I thought an independent expert would consider my son completely unfit to go to school.

Nicely I said that I, ofcourse, didn't have the intention to sit on the seat of the independent expert, but that enough things had happened after the indication for the auti-classes had been signed to have serious doubt about my son't ability to go there.

So then I told them what happened. That he first was accepted and that they asked us to come there to meet the new teachers and instead we were told that he wouldn't get a place there after all.

Told them it had taken a lot to prepare him to go there, because he was treated so badly at his former school, and that after this experience his trust in grown-ups diminished dramatically, and I fear it's beyond repair. It certainly won't come back in a natural way.

I got very empathising reactions.

They asked me how the situation was now.
So I told the school wasn't investing in him at all.
That a letter of 26 september still had no reply at all.

And also told about the way the guy reported to the council representative that I had given him no reply at all, whereas I asked him whether the council representative agreed with homeschooling the very next day and it took them more than two weeks to give a reply. Including the remark of the council representative that she was going to have a meeting with me about that.

The women reacted that not only he didn't cooperate very well, but that he also was troubling the relationship between the council represenative and us. They both expressed that such behaviour is unacceptable.
(Ofcourse they already knew this from the files, because I'd send a letter to the council representative right away.)

As a reaction to another question, about what woudl be an acceptable end result, I said that it either should be the freedom not to subscribe our son to a school, or accept that there is no place for my son at all and act accordingly.
He, nor we, should be enforced to stay in contact with his former school where he got severely depressed and troubled. A school that has stated that they're not able to support my son, and that is also not on the list of indicated schools.

The nice woman said she knew, because she'd been educating autistic children for a long time.

So I left rather content about the meeting.

Now we have to wait for the result.
I hope it will be something that is far less stressfull as the situation is now.

Thanks all for supporting me during this long time of trouble.
I hope it will come to an end soon.

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